NSF to PST Converter

Lotus Notes to PST Converter

Move IBM Notes® Data into MS Outlook PST File with NSF to PST Converter

  • Export emails, contacts, calendars etc from NSF to PST
  • Convert Notes names.nsf file into PST file individually
  • Apply Email, Calendar, and To-Do's Filter using Date-Range
  • Convert NSF file into ANSI/Unicode Outlook PST File types
  • Create a new PST Files if NSF Size exceeds 20 GB
  • Map Folders in Lotus Notes NSF to MS Outlook PST
  • Export Encrypted Messages and Recurrence Calendars
  • Lotus Notes Installation without Domino Server required
  • MS Outlook should be installed and configured for conversion
  • Convert NSF to Live Exchange Server with Technician & enterprise license

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System Specification

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Demo Limitation

Demo version of Lotus Notes to PST Conversion Software convert unlimited data or export first 25 items per folder.

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NSF To PST Converter: Lineaments and Benefits!

Convert NSF Files

Convert NSF Files to PST

The Notes® NSF Converter gives benefit to convert multiple NSF files at once for conversion. The software will help in bulk data migration in one go. If you want to convert multiple NSF files to live Exchange Server then technician and enterprise license will help you to do the same.

Create Separate

Create Separate PST for Contacts

Especially for Lotus Notes contacts migration, the software has an option to convert names.nsf file to Outlook PST. This facility in NSF to PST Converter allows separately moving address book information into PST file.

Convert NSF File of Any Size to PST

Convert NSF File of Any Size to PST

If the size of NSF file is large and the converted PST file size exceeds 20GB, then the convert NSF to PST software will automatically generate a new PST. This is to ensure that large sized file do not end up with any performance issues in MS Outlook® and keeps a PST size not more than 20 GB.

Read Notes Data in Any Outlook Version

Read Notes Data in Outlook

The software gives option to convert NSF into ANSI or Unicode PST file. While ANSI can be read in lower and higher editions of Outlook, Unicode can be opened in Outlook 2003 and upper version. This means users can read NSF data in any version of Outlook application.

Convert NSF Emails with Attachments

Convert Emails with Attachments

The NSF to PST migration software offers a complete solution to migrate NSF data into Outlook PST. Emails with their respective attachments, HTML formatting, inline images, internet header, and metadata will be exported to NSF file with this tool.

Retain Actual

Retain Actual Structure of Folders

This Convert Lotus Notes to PST software migrate data from NSF folders and sub-folders. While conversion it ensures that internal directory structure of resultant PST file is exactly same as that of Notes NSF file.

Eliminate Deleted
Eliminate Deleted Items

Deleted items are generally of no use and if you want to exclude them from conversion process, then export NSF to Outlook software gives provision to do so. It is an optional facility in the tool and if the deleted items are unwanted, just exclude them as it will give a boost to conversion speed.

Folder Mapping
Folder Mapping for Managibility

After conversion, it is important that results are received at user's end in an organized way. Through folder mapping capability in the NSF to PST converter, we ensure that data in NSF folders is correctly mapped with PST file folders after conversion.

Email Filters
Email Filter: Selective Conversion

Emails cover up a large share of data file. So if some of the folders and messages in them are not important, Lotus Notes to PST Converter gives facility to exclude them. Emails between a defined interval or specified folder can be excluded from conversion process.

Apply Calendar and To-Do Filter
Apply Calendar and To-Do Filter

Calendars and To-Do list of a specified date range can be converted from NSF to PST. This will increase the overall conversion time by eliminating unwanted or very old items.

PST Cutter option
Option to Reduce Outlook PST

Software provides advance option to cut converted file into small parts after converting Lotus Notes data into an Outlook data file format. You can split large PST file by defining the size of chunks PST files in MB and GB. Once you have defined the file size for PST file, then tool will start splitting Outlook PST file automatically according to it.

Apply Calendar and To-Do Filter
Apply Journals Filter Option

With the help of this option you can convert selected journal files from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. The software provides a date filter option for journal entries so you can easily convert journals files between two date ranges.

Convert Selected Folders
Convert Selected Folders

By using this option, you can convert selected folders from Lotus Notes to Outlook data file. Sometimes the user needs to convert selected folder instead of the entire database and this option can be helpful for you in such types of situations.

Modify CN Value
Modify CN Value

This option helps you to maintain the canonical format of user's name which was defined in a Lotus Notes database during conversion process. Simply just check the "STMP" checkbox under the "Email Address Translation" tab and choose the required SMTP name format for a single canonical value or for all too.

Filter out duplicate contacts
Exclude Duplicates Contacts

The software provides an advanced option to remove duplicate contacts in the NSF to PST conversion process. Set the advanced filter on duplicate contacts and exclude them on the base of their properties like full name, location, Company, mobile number, address, etc.

Support for doclink export
Maintain DocLinks

When a user creates links between two Lotus Notes documents this is called DocLinks. Software does not change this doclinks structure of Lotus Notes documents and also keep retains same in the resultant Outlook PST file.

Preserves HTML Formatting of Mails
Preserves Mails HTML Formatting

Font size, color, signatures, hyperlinks, inline images, text alignment etc will remain same in emails after NSF to PST file conversion. This is because the software will retain HTML formatting of mail messages after exporting them from Notes NSF file to Outlook readable PST.

Remove Message Level Encryption
Remove Message Level Encryption

If Lotus Notes messages are encrypted, the software ensures their smooth conversion to PST. Export Notes software removes message level encryption from NSF file and saves them to Outlook.

Migrate All Documents Data
Migrate "All Documents" Data

All Documents is a unique folder in NSF file that has emails of all the other folders. The export NSF to PST software gives option to convert the "All Documents" folder into PST file and creates a separate folder for it.

Convert Recurrence in Calendars
Convert Recurrence in Calendars

If the calendars has recurring activities, the software will keep them intact while NSF to PST conversion. Every event scheduled in calendar or rescheduled will be exported accurately with this Notes database converter.

Generate Export Report in CSV
Generate Export Report in CSV

Convert Lotus Notes file to Outlook software will generate a report of which file is being converted into PST and how many items are being exported. This detail will be saved into CSV that can be read in tabular form in MS Excel application.

Maintain Internet Header
Maintain Internet Header

NSF to PST converter keeps internet header of all emails as it is in the process of lotus Notes to Outlook conversion. Software does not affect all the technical properties like Meta data and subject.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I export the contacts of NSF file into a single PST File?
Yes, Just add name.nsf file that has Notes® contacts and enable the "Migrate Contacts into single PST File" option. Export Notes Software will completely export the contacts of NSF file into a single PST File.
Is there any requirement of Domino Server like Lotus Notes & MS-Outlook to deal with Export Notes software?
You don't need to have Lotus Notes synchronized with Domino Server to accomplish the NSF to PST migration. If there is any connectivity with Domino Server, just disable it to work with the software.
Does this Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook software has any file size limitation for NSF Files?
No, Users can input NSF file of any size to export Notes mailbox data into Outlook PST.
Will Export Notes Software allow me to migrate multiple NSF files into Outlook Data in single running instance?
Yes, the tool gives the facility to add multiple NSF files at once. This way multiple NSF files can be converted into Outlook PST in single running instance of the software.
Does the tool also migrate encrypted emails of NSF file?
Yes, the advanced algorithm of Lotus Notes NSF file to PST utility can even migrate encrypted emails of an NSF file. Choose the "Remove Encryption" feature within this tool and convert locally encrypted NSF emails into PST.
Can I convert password protected NSF files into Outlook PST File format using this software?
To perform migration of such files, you should have the user.id file which works as a login credentials. First, unlock the password protected NSF files using these details and run convert lotus note email to Outlook software for conversion.
I am looking to convert some Network based NSF Files. Is it possible via using this tool?
NSF file on network are same as NSF saved on local machine. The only difference is of saving location. But before migration make sure that the NSF file is accessible on system where NSF to PST conversion has to be processed.
With which versions of Lotus Notes this software can work?
Lotus Notes to PST converter can work with Lotus Notes 9.0 and all the below versions of the email client efficiently.